Proof of payment screenshots 

Proof of the arrival  the MasterCard from the website :

1. How to sign up on the Website .

You’ll see a window as shown in the picture below.
2) Next Click on the Sign up Button.

3) In the new window, you’ll see a signup form. Fill in with your original Details. You first and last name must be identical to the one on your Government Issued CNIC. Also enter your valid email address (This will be your username). We prefer you to create one on Gmail. Finally give your real Date of Birth as mentioned on your CNIC. Please, not that you must be at least 18 Years of Age to apply for a personal Payoneer MasterCard. Alternatively you can order in the name of your Parents of elder siblings.

Once filled, click NEXT!

4) On the next page, select Pakistan from the drop down menu. Then enter a street address, City and Postal Code as it appears on the CNIC. Finally give a valid Mobile or Landline number. Once filled, hit NEXT.

5) Here you’ll be entering your password and security question. It’s better to write it on paper and store that piece of paper in a secure place. Moreover, choose an easy password that is memorable. Once done, Hit NEXT.

6) Finally, you have to select the type of Identity you’ll be providing. Prefer you CNIC. Next, enter the CNIC number without any spaces or dashed carefully.

7) Scroll Down a bit on the same page and accept all terms and agreements as in the picture below and hit Order.

Within a few minutes, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Payoneer as in 

the image below.

HURRAY! We have done the most important step in getting a verified PayPal account in Pakistan. Now you can login to your account from>My Account. Enter your email address as a username and the password you gave while signing up.

When Will You Get Your MasterCard?

It is the responsibility of Payoneer to ship your card to the address given. Normally, the card is shipped within 10-15 days and sometimes within a week. It depends on your location.

Steps Once You’ve received your Card

Activating your Master Card

1) Login to your account.

2) Click on Activate Card.

3) Enter Username and Password Again.

4) Type the 16 digit card number.

5) Choose a four-digit PIN.

6) Click Submit.


Once you get the card via mail, well, the next step is to open the envelop and then remove your shiny MasterCard attached to a paper containing details of your Payoneer account- keep this paper safe or back it up for later.

Sign in to your payoneer account and then go to My Account >> Activate Card. Enter your MasterCard number and enter a new 4 digit pin code which you will use to withdraw cash from payoneer_refer_a_friend_programyour local ATM. 

Save the pin number in a safe place. You can change the pin code anytime by logging into your account.

You will be redirected to a page where you will get your Payoneer affiliate link. You can refer your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Now on the left corner you will see a “Refer a Friend” banner. Click it.

When someone signs up using your referral link, you will be notified about it via email. After the referred person loads a total of at least $100 into his/her account, both of you will get a $25 reward in your respective accounts.

Note: Payoneer doesn’t provide MasterCard to some countries (Example- India) and in those types of Payoneer account you get the option to withdraw funds directly to your local bank account, which is also cool.

If you have more queries related to Payoneer, read: Payoneer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Finally this is the result

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